All Water is NOT Created Equal!

Has your face ever felt dry or tight after using a facial cleanser? Did it feel like your skin was clean but was sapped of moisture? The reason may not have been your cleanser, but your water. Most people use regular unfiltered tap water to clean their face, and unfiltered water may contain minerals that … Continue reading All Water is NOT Created Equal!

The “Eyes” Have It!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered why the area under your eyes is so puffy? Is it lack of sleep? Stress? Allergies? Not drinking enough water? The tissue around our eyes is delicate and any number of factors can cause us to retain fluid in that area, resulting in puffiness, or bags, … Continue reading The “Eyes” Have It!

You Want Me To Put What, Where?!?

I don’t know about you, but some of the ingredients found in skincare products can be more than a little intimidating. They can be nearly impossible to pronounce and scary to think of putting on your skin. A prime case in point: hyaluronic acid. All I recall from high school Chemistry is the word “acid” … Continue reading You Want Me To Put What, Where?!?