Pamper Your Piggies!

Being from the south, I spend a lot of time wearing sandals and flip flops. However, during the winter months, I keep my feet buried in fuzzy socks and the warmest shoes I can find. By February, my poor little piggies (aka toes) and heels are in dire need of some major love! This is my favorite pampering routine that gets my feet ready for warm weather and helps lift me out of the winter blues.

Toes in Sand

I start by making sure any old polish is removed from my nails. I then fill a bowl with warm . I use a four-in-one tool that includes a coarse grain side, fine grain side, pumice stone, and nail brush. Use the coarse grain to file down calluses, and the fine grain to smooth out patches of rough skin. Pat feet completely dry and use the pumice stone over rough patches on your feet to remove any remaining dead skin. If you prefer using pumice cream instead of a pumice stone, make sure you select one that contains natural pumice particles. This one contains pumice and walnut shell powder to help smooth callused skin. If using cream, make sure feet are completely dry, apply to rough, dry areas, and leave on for approximately 60 seconds. Massage until flakiness and dryness are removed. After using the pumice stone or pumice cream, dip feet back in the foot bath and remove any residue. Dry feet completely with a towel.

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Using a pedicure kit, clip and shape your nails, using an emery board to shape the edges. After getting your nails shaped, apply cuticle oil at the base of each nail. After letting the oil sit for a couple of minutes, gently push back the cuticle using a cuticle tool. Be VERY gentle during this step so as not to damage the cuticle and cause pain. I do not use cuticle clippers simply because I worry about clipping too much skin. Next, get ready to paint your nails! Use toe separators to help make sure toes do not push together and smudge your polish. Apply a base coat, allow to dry completely, then apply one or two thin coats of your favorite color. I love gel polish; it has great staying power. If I use a polish that is not a gel, I apply a top coat of clear gel polish to help seal and protect.

Avon Gel Polish
Avon Gel Polish


After allowing your polish to dry completely, finish off your home pedi with a deep moisturizing cream. You can also help extend the life of your pedicure by using overnight renewing cream, callus cream, or softening balm. If you don’t have time to do a complete pedi, take a short-cut with pedi-peel pads, followed by a foot moisturizing cream. You are now ready to show off your pampered piggies and welcome in warmer weather!

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