You Want Me To Put What, Where?!?


I don’t know about you, but some of the ingredients found in skincare products can be more than a little intimidating. They can be nearly impossible to pronounce and scary to think of putting on your skin. A prime case in point: hyaluronic acid. All I recall from high school Chemistry is the word “acid” having a rather negative connotation in relation to skin. Namely, the fact that it could cause excessive, and painful, damage. When I began hearing about hyaluronic acid and why it is actually beneficial, I decided I needed to learn more. What I discovered has definitely changed the way I view skincare ingredients and added a much needed boost to my skincare regimen!

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Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally produced by our bodies and found in our skin. It helps keep our tissues hydrated by pulling and binding with moisture from the air and holding it against our skin. In fact, just one molecule of hyaluronic acid can hold 1,000 times its weight in water! When skin tissue is well hydrated, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and our skin looks and feels more supple. As an added benefit, it also helps protect our skin from damage caused by UV rays. Unfortunately, as we age, the amount of HA our body produces decreases, leaving us with skin that is not as hydrated as it should be. As a result, we see more fine lines and wrinkles, and our skin loses some of its youthful glow. The answer? Use products packed with this miracle molecule!

hyaluronic acid

Avon’s Anew Hydra Fusion line includes Hydra Fusion Replenishing Serum and Hydra Fusion Gel Cream. Both contain a combination of hyaluronic acid and raspberry antioxidants to help replenish moisture, defend against environmental stressors, and keep skin healthy and hydrated. While the serum delivers a large dose with immediate effects, the gel cream moisturizer can provide up to 72 hours of moisture, keeping your skin looking and feeling refreshed.

hydra fusion

I was a little hesitant in trying these products, simply because I didn’t think I needed extra moisture. However, since I always want to be able to give an honest and informed opinion about any of the products my customers may ask about, I decided to give them a try. After using the products for two weeks, I can say, without a doubt, that these products perform just as advertised. The serum, which I use at night, makes my skin feel wonderful! It soaks in well and doesn’t feel heavy. I can actually use other products after I apply the serum. The gel cream, which I use in the morning, is extremely lightweight and soaks in quickly. I honestly did not realize how dry my skin was until I started using these products and I could see and feel the difference!

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To wrap it up, what I learned is that sometimes things that sound like a really bad idea (like putting acid on your face) can have really great results. I challenge you to give Anew Hydra Fusion a try and see for yourself the difference it can make. As always, keep smiling – it’s absolutely the best beauty basic!

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