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So, back in May, I wrote about my diminishing eyebrows, and what I used to help fill in those irritating “blank” spaces and help cover the ever-increasing amount of gray hair in my brows. While that was great and very effective, I am now SO happy to report there is a safe and effective way to get fuller, longer looking, natural eyelashes AND eyebrows! Yes, there actually is a serum that is not only extremely effective, but completely affordable (two very good things in my opinion)! It has been wonderful to have full, healthy lashes and brows again, although I still use a little of the brow powder – my absolute fave – to help hide the gray in my brows.

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Thanks to a product from Avon, I have regained the fabulous lashes and brows I once had, but didn’t appreciate, when I was younger. Avon’s Unlimited Lashes Lash & Brow Activating Serum is made with a blend of peptides, protein and botanicals that actually help keep lashes healthier, strengthens and hydrates them, as well as extends the growth cycle of brows and lashes. It does not contain any synthetic drugs that can have harmful side effects, such as isopropyl cloprostenate. The serum takes approximately 4 weeks to produce visible results; I saw noticeable results with my lashes around week 5. My brows took a little longer – about 7 weeks (which is understandable, considering the growth cycle for brows is naturally slower). It is recommended to use the serum for 12 weeks to see optimal results.

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The serum is super quick and easy to apply, which is a must for me; if it’s time consuming or I end up poking myself in the eye, I know I will not be consistent in using the product! You just dip the brush in the serum and apply to just the top lash every night on clean, dry skin before bed. One dip of the serum is all that is needed for both eyes. You just let it dry and don’t rub your eyes – quick and easy, just like I said. For your brows, you just brush the serum on the area you want to improve. If it is the whole brow, just follow your natural brow line.

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This serum is so effective, InStyle named it the “must have” serum of 2018. As with any product, consistency is key in seeing your best results, so be diligent in your application of the serum each night. With the price being well on the affordable side and a tube lasting 8 – 12 weeks, it is definitely feasible to make this serum a part of your regular beauty routine. No doubt about it – thick, lush, healthy lashes that are all natural will be the perfect accessory to hi-light your smile – your best beauty basic!

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